Shuaihang’s lab, LoAM (at University of Utah), is having openings for 2 PhDs and 1 PostDoc postition. Please contact with your CV for more information.

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1. Functional Properties of Metal Nanocomposites

Studied the functional properties including thermal properties, corrosion resistance, tribological performance of metal matrix nanocomposites; Correlated the property observations directly with the tuned electron behavior; Developed the mathematical models to quantify the performance of metal matrix nanocomposites; Extended the possible reliable industrial applications of metal nanocomposites with tunable functional properties (e.g. surface wettability engineering).

2. Electron behavior in Metal NaNOComposites

Measured conductivity of metal-composite self-dispersed with conductive nano particles with 4-Probe station; Analyzed nanoparticles’ influence on bulk metal with SEM/TEM; Developed theory of electron scattering by nanoparticle interface & electron transport hindrance by nanoparticle energy barrier with quantum electron transport theories; Expanded the feasibility of the above theories from bulk to lower-dimensions (1-D) by analyzing electrical properties of metal composite nano/micro fibers (100 nm – 100 um) by Physical Property Measurement System.

3. Fundamental Study of Interfacial fretting & Triboelectrification

Built the atomic models for molecular dynamics simulation of fretting process in nano scale by LAMMPS; Analyzed the simulation data with the results from AFM trials to describe the micro principle of friction; Proposed new phonon-electron interaction theory for interfacial triboelectrification by static electron measurement.

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