For Research

[1]  The Outstanding Paper (12 out of 256) at The National Youth Tribology Conference of 2016, Xi’an, China      May 2016

Paper Title: “Molecular Dynamics Simulation for Continuous Dry Friction on Fretting Interfaces” [C]

[2]  Excellent Bachelor Thesis (Top 1%) of 2016 (3 out of 426) from Shanghai Jiao Tong University      Jun 2016

Thesis Title: “Molecular Dynamics Simulations for Friction Behavior on Fretting Interfaces” (Certificate No.: 102482016003)

[3]  The National 3rd Prize (Top 25%) of the National University Student Social Practice & Science Contest on Energy Saving & Emission Reduction of 2015      Aug 2015

From: Project “Air-to-Water Adsorption Machine Driven by Solar Energy” (Code: 0817904)

[4]  The Honorable Prize (Top 30%) of the ICM/MCM Mathematical Modeling Competition      Mar 2015

For Academy & Study

[1]  The Extraordinary Graduates Awards of Shanghai (20 out of 426) by the Shanghai Government     Jun 2016
[2]  The National Scholarship (Top 1% in M.E) by the Ministry of Education of P.R. China      Sep 2015
[3]  The Tang Lixin Scholarship (Top 5% in SJTU) by the Tang Lixin Educational Scholarship Committee      Sep 2015
[4]  TOYOTA BOSHOKU Outstanding Scholarship (Top 5% in M.E.) by TOYOTA BOSHOKU Co., Ltd      Sep 2014


Selective Showcase


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